Cartoon network competition
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I personaly think they are taking all african artist for a ride
I know its voluntary but if one doesnt read the terms and conditions
He might be in trouble.
Let me clarify according to the terms once one submits his project he
Immediatly gives all rights to turner while this might not be a big issue it
Futher states that turner my and may not credit the author when using their
I can understand if this is imposed on the winners but what about those who
Will not win? This means that we will not get any credit at all for our work IF used
and cant use that same piece elswhere because we handed all the rights away
Plus even if the winner is crowned he is not garanteed to be given employment.

My question is what benefit do i get as an artist when i take part in the competition
And how does this help develop our industries.

Basically what i am getting from this is that you are sourcing for content and dont
Want ti give credit for it and if someone/most people dont read the terms will put
Their best foot foward only to get nothing in the end.

My problem is all the rights will be witheld no matter if you win or not with no aknoledment whatsoever
When turner uses our work.

I might be wrong so i seek clarification for this
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Re: Cartoon network competition
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For those wondering, this comment is in response to the Cartoon network's competition themed 'Creative Lab' where "looking for creators, writers, graphic artists and animation students to help produce the new projects."

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