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PLAYTHING Character reveal Trailer by Anthill Production
« on: December 19, 2017, 06:14:25 PM »

PLAYTHING Character reveal teaser!!!. Hey Fans of Plaything and all you awesome newcomers, meet our new addition to the Plaything story and the Anthill Animation Universe,

The beautiful Aisha Bello. Aisha Bello also happens to be our first Hausa character so we are all excited about that. She was born in Kano but schools in Lagos with her best friend Ayodeji whom you've all met before. Aisha has an endless imagination and shes quite the geek.

Plaything is about pre-teens and the power of imagination. It is coming next year and is going to be an amazing show. we are still in development so all positive feedback is welcome. and hey, who would love to voice a sweet Hausa teen with a cute accent. follow Anthill Studios and will keep you posted.
Directed by Eri Umusu and Nurdin Momodu