News or Press Release? Please read this BEFORE posting
« on: February 07, 2017, 04:40:18 PM »
This forum is for news, and by news, this means, news about events that are related to CG field. Major software releases, big studio news, trailers, delicious (verified) gossip about computer graphics major events, interviews with high profile artists and that sort of thing are all welcome.

But, do not post advertising articles promoting products like plug-in packs, model packs or press releases about software being used in films. However, while we don't mind people occasionally using this site to advertise products of interest to a wide spectrum of our users, posters who abuse this by very regularly posting advertising will be construed as spammers.

Users who habitually ignore this rules may be prevented from posting again.
If in doubt as to whether your thread is a press release or CG news, think of it like this: is it just an announcement about a sale or something else which isn't likely to end up as a discussion? Or is it a piece of news that's likely to turn into a long chat with lots of members posting opinions about it? If the former, it's probably a press release, if the latter, then news.