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5 Best Animated Movies in Africa

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25 Mar 2022

Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks- you probably have watched at least one featured movie from these animation powerhouses. Perhaps, you have seen The Lion King, Tarzan, and Madagascar…yes, these movie animations have one thing in common -their setting was the wonderful wilderness of Africa.  

But there’s more to this rich continent than savannas and safaris.  

Indeed, as an emerging animation hub of the world, Africa has a lot more to offer. For the past ten years, animated movies in Africa are deliberately being celebrated in the region.

Little by little, African animation studios are recognized all over the world, their animators are sought after for their skills and endless pursuit to be the best. Not an easy task though.  

Despite the many constraints, African animation is hoisted to successfully conquer the world of featured films. Here is a taste of the irresistible servings of the 5 best animation movies of Africa:    

Lady Buckit and the Motley Mopsters Simply known as LBMM of Hot Ticket Productions, Winner of the 2021 Africa Movie Academy Awards. 

This pre- pandemic animation is the first feature-length 3D animated movie from Nigerian Cinematic, dubbed as Nollywood.   

 Since its debut in Lekki, Lagos in December 2020, it has stirred the African animation movies industry and has been under the scrutiny and reviews of critics and fans alike.  




LBMM is a feel-good, family-oriented movie that follows the tale of an inquisitive, precocious young girl, Bukky, in a series of adventures in an unfamiliar territory, where she met strange characters.

Queen Malika: Warrior Queen  

Thanks to YouTube, I was able to watch this next-on-the-list animated film with no hassle at all. A 15- minute short animated movie published by Youneek Studios. To date, it has more than 700K views since its release two years ago.  

Queen Malika was inspired by the story of a warrior queen, Queen Amina, a 16th Century ruler who reigned over parts of Northwest Nigeria. An exceptional leader whose struggles revolve around keeping her kingdom intact and safe from enemies in the fifteenth century.    




One of the film’s major achievements was when it emerged as the winner in Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards for the best animated short movie category last July 2019.    

Fans worldwide are eagerly waiting for the sequel of this short animated African movie.  


About a decade ago (2012), the first animated movie from Africa’s leading animation studio, Triggerfish Animation Studios, was released by Cinema Management Group and Sony Pictures Entertainment.    

 Samuel L. Jackson, Jeff Goldblum is some of the voices of this successful and award-winning animated film, about the story of a young falcon named Kai.




 Despite the restrictions from his father Tendai (Samuel L. Jackson), Kai discovers himself as he finds out the importance of family, friendship, and teamwork to solve whatever problems that arise.  

Some of its recognition were: Best South African Feature Film in 2012 Durban International Film Festival and the Best Animation at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Mark of Uru  

Released when African animation movies weren’t as much it is today, this film touched the worldwide issue of discrimination, of acceptance for one’s being. 

Azuka was born with a peculiar birthmark, the cause of her tribulations. Despite her mother’s effort to conceal it, she did not succeed. Azuka must find ways to free herself from the imminent danger posed by some patches on her skin.  




A first of its own, this web-based animated series was released in 2009 and continued to be watched by viewers worldwide. Despite its limitations, still, this movie has shown what a great culture and folklore could become when combined with computer graphics and animation.     

Produced by Mayhem Productions.  

The Passport of Mallam Ilia  

This last but not least item on our list has not been fully released yet. But I believed it is worth waiting for and worth a spot on our 5 best-animated movies in Africa. 

Alright, there might be some bias here but I just can’t help it. Perhaps because the film is based on a popular African novel by Cyprian Ekwensi , maybe because it features the universal theme of love, vengeance, and conquest or it could be that I found its teaser incredibly amazing…  


 I could not pinpoint the exact reason though, but this featured film from Magic Carpet Studios is something that we could look forward to and deserved a slot here.  

A truly ingenious manner to bridge the older books generation with the digital youth of today through the art of animation.     



Africa has a lot to offer. The developing animation industry has already proven itself that it can be at par with other animation studios in the world yet uniquely African;  


  • The African animated movies have reached a worldwide audience;  
  • It is a great avenue to showcase African rich culture to the world;  
  • African Animation has proven to send a universal message of love, family, friendship, and camaraderie to its viewers.  

Again, there could be no better way to present the African way of life and culture to the world than through animation by African animators.  


 List down your best bets too, in the comments below.