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Mukalazi Raymond Andrew: Consistency and discipline is the key to Animation

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2 Jun 2022

BTS- behind the scenes of the booming animation industry of Africa are -its Animators. They are the great artists who rendered incredible talents and skills to come up with a masterpiece worth watching. 

By 2030, the animation industry worldwide is expected to be a 600-billion-dollar industry. Thus, what could be the best time to learn animation than today.  We have seen a few young and budding animation artists evolve as they master their craft here in CG Africa.

In this article, we present to you Mukalazi Raymond Andrew.

Mukray, as fondly called by friends' hails from Kampala, Uganda. At 24 years of age, he doesn’t leave his eyes on his goal. Rather, he stays unfailing, despite the obstacles he encountered along the journey to becoming a top-notch animator not only of Africa but of the world as well.

So, how did you learn animation? 

I went to Artfield Institute of Design Kampala, Uganda, where I graduated in 3D Animation and Digital Media design.

Do you have some example tutorials you watched?

I started with the tutorial attached below. It really helped me understand all the basics in 3d production. When I understood the basics, I moved on to much more complex ones, But I believe understanding the basics properly is key to moving onward to much more complicated things.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I get most of my inspiration from media that I consume, be it movies, animation, Pinterest, art stations, anime, or video games. I believe you are what you consume, so I try to follow a lot of creative people online and consume as much art as possible.

What challenges have you met in becoming an animator?

Long and tiresome nights, 3d animation takes a lot of time and patience that might not seem worth it at first, but in the end, it most definitely is.

What are your aspirations with the industry?

Well, I love making 3D art, animation, and storytelling, and honestly, it's this love and passion that drives me to make art every day. Africa is a very rich and unexplored continent story-wise with over 3000 tribes, with so much culture and stories that could be told and preserved for the future through storytelling digital media like Animation. 

What can you say about your first posted work?




Honestly, it's surprising how much my 3d design has grown. As an artist, you're always trying to push the boundary and grow into a better version of yourself so I am very proud of myself and hope to grow even more over the years. Learning as a 3d artist never stops because technology is always getting better and changing.

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What has influenced your improvement? 

Consistency, tons of tutorials, and hours of practice. The school will as well help introduce you to a concept and give you a conducive environment to develop, but without discipline and hours of practice to own your craft, you won't improve.

What can you say about your recent works?




Was trying to create a Chibi semi-realistic self-portrait and I love the outcome, there are tons of things I could have done better but I'm proud of it. 

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Are you planning to continue working as a character  Design and Modelling? 

Of course. I have dedicated my whole life to animation as an art form, it’s something I am very passionate about and I believe it's my purpose in life.

What would be your advice to newbies in animation? (especially for African animators) 

Practice and consistency are key to mastering anything. Never give up on your ambitions however steep they may be. And lastly, learn about the business side of art, especially if you plan to be a freelancer.