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The African Animated Shorts Experience (T.A.A.S.E) - UK: A phenomenal convergence of talent

Tobi Ayegbusi | CGAfrica
Tobi Ayegbusi
20 Oct 2023


The African Animated Shorts Experience, widely recognized as T.A.A.S.E, signifies a significant celebration and advocacy for African animations, comic titles, and artistic conversations. 

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Held at the Net Church in Dartford, England, on the 14th of October 2023, the event showcased a mesmerizing convergence of talent, propelled by The AWA Foundation, in partnership with CGAfrica and Epoch Comics, with support from the Dartford Borough Council. Delve into the immersive T.A.A.S.E encounter for a deeper appreciation of its impact and significance. 


The T.A.A.S.E experience 



The T.A.A.S.E UK event, a power-packed one-day affair, brimmed with meticulously curated sessions that left attendees awe-inspired. Regarded as a platform for witnessing awe-inspiring visual prowess, the event fostered a rich exchange of ideas among creative minds through engaging panel discussions. Attendees hailed the experience as "informative" and "educational," replete with ample networking opportunities all under one roof. 


Spotlight on African Animation 


At T.A.A.S.E, animators, character designers, and comic artists showcased their myriad works, infused with a distinctive African flair that exuded the beauty of African culture through captivating visual narratives. The event served as a welcoming gateway for fresh entrants into the African creative sphere, effectively demonstrating the ascendency of African animations in the global animation industry, deserving of greater acclaim. 


T.A.A.S.E Creative Sessions 


The event introduced captivating themes for its sessions, encompassing topics such as Exploring the Animation Pipeline and Process, Comic Influence in Animation and Films - Comic Creation, and Open-source for Animated Content - Blender Demo. Hosted by industry luminaries including NK, a renowned CG instructor, Martin, an accomplished Comic Creator, Femi Osewa, an acclaimed Creative Designer, and Chuks, a distinguished 3D Designer, these sessions provided a wealth of insights and expertise for aspiring creatives. 


A new footprint in the creative industry 


As the curtains draw on the vibrant T.A.A.S.E event, it leaves an indelible mark on the animation landscape, not only in Africa but globally. With its robust celebration of African creativity and culture, T.A.A.S.E stands as a testament to the growing influence and prowess of the African animation industry, solidifying its position as a global powerhouse of artistic expression and innovation. The event's legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire and propel the next generation of African creatives onto the world stage, marking a dynamic shift in the narrative of contemporary animation and storytelling.