The African Animated Shorts Experience (TAASE) to Showcase Remarkable Creativity in the UK | CGAfrica

The African Animated Shorts Experience (TAASE) to Showcase Remarkable Creativity in the UK

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8 Aug 2023

The stage is set for an extraordinary celebration of artistic ingenuity and cross-cultural exchange as The African Animated Shorts Experience (TAASE) makes its much-anticipated debut on the international scene. We are proud to announce this groundbreaking event, a collaborative effort between Animation West Africa Foundation also known as AWA Network, CGAfrica and Epoch Comics, with the invaluable support of the Dartford Borough Council in Greater London/Kent, UK.

TAASE is more than just an evening of animated shorts from Africa; it represents a thrilling convergence of creative minds, bridging the continents to create a platform that uplifts and showcases the brilliance of African talent in animation and comics. This momentous event, designed to empower and inspire artists, is an opportunity for participants to shine on a global stage.

What is TAASE?

The African Animated Shorts Experience (TAASE) is a unique initiative aimed at celebrating and promoting the rich tapestry of short animation and comic artistry emanating from the African continent. This event will bring together diverse voices and stories through a carefully curated selection of animated short films, shedding light on the innovative spirit of Africa's creative community. Only the most deserving entries will have the honor of gracing the big screen, offering a captivating and immersive experience for attendees.

Innovative Collaboration

TAASE is a result of the collaborative efforts of leading forces in the animation and comics landscape – AWA Network, CGAfrica and Epoch Comics. With a shared vision of promoting African artistry these power units have united their expertise and resources to give rise to an event that promises to redefine the perception of African creativity.

Local Support and Global Impact

The Dartford Borough Council's unwavering support has been instrumental in bringing TAASE to life. Their commitment to fostering cultural exchange and community engagement has made it possible for TAASE to find a home in the heart of Greater London/Kent, UK. This collaboration demonstrates the power of partnerships in driving meaningful change and amplifying the voices of artists who deserve global recognition while also introducing the local residents of Dartford and environs to African Animated Film Shorts and raise awareness of how ‘animation’ interests might be followed up.

Call for Submissions

The African Animated Shorts Experience (TAASE) invites creators from across the African continent to submit their animated short films for consideration. We encourage artists to visit the official TAASE website here ( to learn more about the submission process and review the entry submission requirements pages both for comics and animated shorts. 
This is a rare opportunity for emerging talents and seasoned professionals to showcase their work to an international audience.

Comic Creators Welcome

In addition to animated shorts, TAASE extends a warm invitation to comic authors to be a part of this extraordinary event. Comic titles will be prominently displayed during the showcase, offering a platform for comic creators to gain visibility and engage with a diverse and enthusiastic audience. Comic authors interested in participating are encouraged to reach out to us for further details.

A Stronger Visibility Beyond Shores Open to All of Africa.

TAASE is a call to action, a rallying cry to all African artists, animators and storytellers to seize this moment and contribute to a stronger visibility of African creativity on the global stage through the power of animated shorts and comics, now we have the opportunity to share our stories, perspectives and dreams with the world, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. This will be an annual event and will get bigger.
The African Animated Shorts Experience (TAASE) is a celebration of unity and diversity, open to creators from every corner of the African continent. Regardless of location or background, all African artists are invited to take part in this monumental event and contribute their unique voices to the tapestry of creativity that will be on display.

As the countdown begins for The African Animated Shorts Experience (TAASE) on October 14, 2023, we urge artists, filmmakers, and comic creators to join us in this historic journey. Let's come together to make TAASE a resounding success, one that not only uplifts African artistry but also propels it to new heights of global recognition.

For media inquiries, sponsorship opportunities, and further information, please contact via the RSVP link on event website, or



The African Animated Shorts Experience (TAASE) is a collaborative initiative between Animation West Africa Foundation, CGAfrica and Epoch Comics, with the support of the Dartford Borough Council, aimed at celebrating and promoting African creativity in animation and comics. The event provides a platform for African artists to showcase their work on an international stage, fostering cross-cultural exchange and amplifying the visibility of African talent. TAASE is committed to empowering artists and storytellers, bridging continents, and creating a lasting impact on the global creative landscape.