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The Doctor with a Passion for Pixels: How Paul Chungag is Championing African CGI Artists

CGAfrica | CGAfrica
14 Mar 2024

Imagine a world where dazzling computer-generated imagery (CGI) comes alive on screen, and behind them isn't just a whiz-kid techie, but a dedicated medical doctor like Paul Chungag. In the realm of CGI, where artistic vision meets technical mastery, Paul stands out as an anomaly – and a powerful role model.


Paul's journey into CGI is as fascinating as it is unexpected. This licensed medical professional possesses a deep-rooted passion for the fantastical – a passion he's nurtured over the years. With tools like Blender and Substance Painter at his fingertips, Paul has become a skilled craftsman, breathing life into the digital world. But his true calling lies in empowering the next generation of African CGI artists. 

Think of Paul as a bridge between science and the arts. His dedication to the CGI industry is truly inspiring, but his unwavering belief in the potential of African artistic expression sets him apart. 

Paul offers his quota by sponsoring a competition on CGAfrica. For Paul, sponsoring a competition on CGAfrica isn't just about throwing money at a problem. It's a personal mission to uplift and empower young talents. Some might scoff at the modest prize money, but that's not the point. Paul's mission is about creating a platform, not a payday. He wants aspiring artists to have a space to showcase their skills, gain recognition, and connect with a supportive community. He believes in fostering a community where passion and dedication reign supreme. By supporting initiatives like CGAfrica, Paul hopes to build a breeding ground for talent, where hard work and a love for the craft are valued more than anything else. 


The impact of Paul's sponsorship goes far beyond the competition itself. It represents a shift in how we view African artistry and innovation. Through his unwavering support, Paul is opening doors and paving the way for African CGI artists to take their place on the international stage. 

He’s sponsoring multiple competitions, so it isn't just about winning a prize; it's about joining a tribe of passionate creators with a shared vision of excellence. Paul's sponsorship is a powerful reminder: true impact isn't measured in dollars and cents, but in the lives, it touches, the dreams it ignites, and the barriers it breaks. 

Deep within every CGI enthusiast lies a spark – a yearning to create, push boundaries, and inspire. With champions like Paul Chungag leading the charge, this spark has the potential to explode into a wildfire, illuminating the world with the boundless creativity and ingenuity of African artists. Follow Paul on Instagram to learn more about him and his works 


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