3D Animated Film: Substance by JAMAAL BRADLEY

Animation veteran Jamaal Bradley is making his directorial debut with the animated short film SUBSTANCE which will be released in early 2019 on the international festival circuit.  Written and produced by Bradley, the project is showcasing the first look of the film today.


Inspired by True Events, SUBSTANCE is the first film developed by PopWilly Productions marking a big step into the animation arena. Teaming with Bradley is a small group of industry professionals from across the globe; including co-writer and lead story artist Michael Yates (Pixar), executive producer Bruce W. Smith (Sony Animation), and executive producer Ken Birdwell (co-founder of Valve Software).  PopWilly will also be working with Gixel Technologies in Chennai, India for post-production and finaling. Composer Stephen ‘Bud’da’ Anderson accompanied with the vocals of Adolphus “Scottie” Scott III, Avery Sunshine, and Dana Johnson will provide the soundtrack for the film.



“Working for years as an animator and storyteller, the question that has plagued me: how can two brothers growing up in a quiet suburb of New Jersey take such different paths? What was the switch that caused one brother?s SUBSTANCE to change over time? I now find myself no longer blocking these questions from my head, but rather exploring them through my passion of breathing life into characters. Using a piece of my personal time-line, I set the stage to show something very personal but widely accessible. I am humbled to share this with everyone.” - Jamaal Bradley



Jamaal Bradley is a Senior Animator at Valve Software and former Supervising Animator at Dreamworks Animation. For over two decades he has worked in feature film, video games, commercials, and directed video game cinematics.Some of the projects that Jamaal has contributed to include games such as Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2, Medal of Honor: Breakthrough, and many others. He has also worked at various studios including; Walt Disney Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Electronic Arts. He has been a senior animator on Oscar-nominated films such as, Disney's Tangled, Dreamworks' Puss in Boots, The CroodsThe Croods 2, Penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda 3, Boss Baby; Sony Imageworks' Surf's Up , and Monster House.  He is currently helping to develop narrative content in the the virtual reality space for an unannounced project.

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