3D Animated Short Film - Metanoia

"Metanoia" by The Animation School - Two figures are walking side by side in the desert in the early afternoon. They are established as the Apprentice who is an impressionable fifteen years old and his Master who is a resilient ninety-year-old.

They trek through the dunes in the late afternoon and soon arrive at a Holy Place in the evening, ending their long and tiresome journey, so that the Apprentice can begin his African ritual in order to earn his rite of passage as a sorcerer. As he gets into his intense ritual dance, an unexpected fight ensues, introducing spiritual creatures into the Holy Place. Soon he discovers that in order to become the new sorcerer, he has to prove his worth and fight to the death. For more information, please see the details and links below: Credits-Contributors:

The Animation School
Director: Emanuela Pereira
Production Manager: Emanuela Pereira
Art Director: Ntokozo Mthembu
Technical Director: Michael Wilson
Editing: Emanuela Pereira
Modelling (Character/Environment: Thobile Simelane, Micayler McCabe, Gareth Chadwick, Emanuela Pereira
Texturing: Thobile Simelane, Micayler McCabe, Gareth Chadwick, Etienne Lubbe, Emanuela Pereira, Ntokozo Mthembu
Shader Dev: Emanuela Pereira, Etienne Lubbe
Rigging: Michael Wilson, Etienne Lubbe
Animation: Giovanna Rosa, Kutlwano Mogantsi, Thobile Simelane, Ntokozo Mthembu, Micayler McCabe, Michael Wilson
Lighting: Emanuela Pereira, Etienne Lubbe
Visual Effects: Gareth Chadwick
Sound: The Cape Audio College
Music: The Cape Audio College


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