by CGAfrica in Articles,

on January 22nd, 2017

New concept art inspiration from gaming art studio Evozon Game Studio. Evozon focuses on crafting beautiful gaming environments and character designs. The studio is composed of a strong digital art and game development studio based in Transylvania, Romania

They  cover all production stages and can enhance your game with brilliant concept work, 3D characters, environments, vehicles and props, including UI and 2D elements.

We simply love to create games. We love to brainstorm ideas and breathe life into amazing characters, be it heroes, grunts, cute little animals or realistic, down-to-earth “humans”. No detail is small enough and here at Evozon Game Studio we pride ourselves in delivering the most polished and immersive experiences.

We asked Evozon Game Studio about their new work creating African fantasy environments and characters. This is what they had to say ..

“The project we’re developing is part of our Game Art Portfolio and it’s one of the three themes we’re focusing on at the moment. We chose to depict Africa in a fantasy landscape and story because we believe it’s a land of magic, of great history and wonderful stories!”

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