Animated Film from Ghana: Agorkoli by NAFTI Ghana

Agorkoli is a story that talks about the history of the migration saga of the Ewe people of Ghana who can be located at the Eastern part of the country. After misfortunes of the migration settlements, the Ewes had to move for a greener pasture. And by this move, They settled under Agorkoli, leader of the Notsies. For a while, they enjoyed a beautiful time of peace, until an unknown rumour which became a big dispute between the Notsies and Dogbos.

Director (Francis Yushau Brown) Statement

I describe myself as an open-minded young man. I believe every action is supposed to be supported by sound reasoning. I am a lover of art and also have interest in history. 
What inspired the choice of my current carrier. I was actually born into an oral storytelling home but I think I was also naturally an artist so any time my Grandmother told a story I start imagining them in pictures. As I was growing up as a boy I noticed that most of the stories I heard were actually social problems which have been developed into stories. So I decided that film (Audio Visual) is a very powerful tool to reach the mass. In Ghana, there are a lot of social issues which are looked on so I decided to enrol in film school after my secondary school education so that I can be making films to educate and entertain the masses.

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