CGAfrica 101: Latunde-Dada Oluseyi from Nigeria

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on September 23rd, 2018

My name is Latunde-Dada Oluseyi, a graduate of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Lagos.

I have been passionate about art since childhood just like every young Nigerian kid who wanted to draw something and show their friends. I virtually have no school note-book right from childhood which doesn’t have any of my drawings.

When I feel bored in class or during the break, I just pick-up my drawing book and start to sketch something which is often times imaginative. I loved to draw landscapes, and most times I draw the human figure.  By the way, I have always been fascinated by cartoons while growing, I always wondered how they were created. I remember sometime in Secondary school a friend of mine got me a book on character creation, then I practiced things I saw on how to easily sketch human figures.


By the time I was at the university, I just wanted to have something to be able to keep all my artworks, rather than just drawing on any paper sheet I could lay my hands on, so I decided to go digital with my art. I wanted to make things that several people would be able to see, rather than having them in paper format.

Then I got introduced to Coreldraw, Photoshop, Sketch-up and along the line Cinema 4d. I decided to try things I imagined, most times I sketch my imaginations out then create them in 3d. I got a lot of materials and still getting on various software to help increase my 3d knowledge and produce things of international standard.


Well, I have seen a lot of things people do outside of Africa in terms of Game making and animation which is really fascinating to me. I really hope to invest more in learning and developing wonderful games and animation that people would play and watch around the world but would definitely come out of Africa.

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