Escena is seeking African artists for their 2020 Mental Health Campaign

by Mayor in News, Animation,

on January 3rd, 2020

The Escena, one of the leading animation studio in Latin America is coordinating with a team of Psychologists and Artist from all over the world the campaign is designed to openly discuss historically conflictive topics such as Anxiety, Depression, Drug Abuse, Gender violence, Sleeping problems, Anger control… in our industry. Every month a specific topic will be discussed across our Social Media platforms generating conversation.

Under the tagline “Escena Talks”, “Lets Openly discuss”, our Social Media Channels such as ( will portray recognized professionals from the Industry from all continents. One Star guest artist per month will introduce him/herself in a short video, go through his career or most famous piece of work and speak for 1-3 minutes in front of the camera about the Mental Health topic of the month. It will be an introduction to the topic so the audience can relate and learn it is more frequent than not and that they are not alone.  In addition to the video, we will publish one page of comic-style story from a different artist to reinforce the topic of discussion that month. 

This campaign is opened to African artists to participate by sending their video or comic to [email protected].

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