How Bino and Fino voyaged the audience on a cruise of knowledge through the years

bino and fino

All it took was an Idea, some little motivation, passion and most importantly the love for the continent and culture. The driving force behind the creator of Africa’s beloved Tv animated show “Bino and Fino” and their series of adventures with Zeena and the magic butterfly where they swim into the ocean of knowledge.

  Adamu Waziri, an animator with many accolated set out to challenge the monotony of children’s animated content. With little or next to non-existent content, he saw the industry as a giant blank canvas where he began creating Bino and Fino. The fictional duo though primarily tasked with educating the Nigerian children about culture, heritage and history, the adventurous duo is educating the globe by being a gateway through which children from all background is introduced to the culture.

bino and fino by Adamu Waziri

The story revolves around the two characters Bino and Fino, who live with their grandparents Mama and Papa in a modern city in Nigeria. Bino and Fino have many adventures with Zeena, the magic butterfly where they discover and learn things about the world, African history, African Culture, African Maps, general educational content such as grammar and arithmetic, life skills, songs, languages etc.  The show stands out with its content on real issues, positive and simple yet fun approach towards education.

In today’s age where our world is moving faster, our people tend to forget the moral values and the education that is the foundation of every human being. During such times Bino and Fino came as a fresh breath in the air, stopping us and cementing our lost cultural foundation. A time where we need to be reminded of certain aspects of history, this show comes as an alarm clock.


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