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on February 9th, 2017

Ajetunmobi Gbenga Emmanuel is Nigerian 3D generalist with experience in various roles. He is skilled in the use of Autodesk Maya and credited to have made the short Ojo and Ebuka soccer animation short movie. He is also credited with some other Notable animation works in Nigeria.

CG Africa asked him about his works and how he has achieved his consistency in the industry over the years.

 CGA: Please briefly introduce yourself, your background and how you got into the industry

I got into the CG industry in 2009, when I failed to get an admission into the university. I went to get a game CD at a software Vendor where I discovered Animestudio Pro. As a person with all the questions about how animation was been done and because I used to spend my pocket money on animation movies my interest in Animestudio Pro was intense. I continued with that till early 2011, when I moved on  to 3D after I discovered some software that were used to make feature movies like Shrek and others, and from there I continued developing myself till date.

I am currently working on a Short video, it is going to be of 3 to 4 minute in length, Though I am still much on the Pre-Production stage, I am going to be using characters from my old projects and introduce some New characters.

CGA: Which is that project you had worked on that sends you buzzing and why did you enjoy working on such project?

This is my recent Animation project, and it’s the one am proud of, because I get to put everything I have learnt so far on into practice: animation, Lighting, Facial Animation, Rigging and Composition.

The video took a month of hard work. I had help from Onome Sota an Environment modeller friend and co-worker who handled the Environment and props, so I could focus on the character related parts.

One reason I found the project successful is because in my group and community I was known as the “Work in Progress (WIP) King”.

CGA: Why is that?

LOL… They refer to me then as a WIP king, due to the fact that I post works at WIP stages and no one seems to see the end of it. The fact that I started and finished a project is an accomplishment for me; it has helped a lot in building my confidence and experience.

The stages of work

I spent a month working on this project, First I started by gathering references on soccer, I recorded the Voice myself. I created the Character and coloured them. The next stage was the blocking out the shots, and camera blocking too before splining the animation and fine tuning. I work on the character cloth Simulation of the characters. By the time I was through with the animation, my level artist was already done with the environment. I put the animation scene and the environment together. Set up the Light, Render and Composite.

CGA: You have used a lot of technical terms to describe the process you went through to produce Ojo and Ebuka Animation.  This could be confusing to newbies, do you mind explaining briefly what these terms mean?

Yes. I will be writing a new series on this website to explain in detail these processes in details in the near future.

CGA: Can we see some of your WIPs?

Yes of course- although I have not compiled them but I am working on my demo reel which I will be sharing soon.

CGA: Since you are self-thought, where can beginners go on line to get good resources?

When I started, I knew nobody doing animation, so I started from YouTube as a lot of video tutorials to get one started, as time pass by, I discover some portals with some good ones, CG Africa,, Digital Tutor and so on.

CGA: What advice do you have for anyone who is aspiring to become CG Artist

My Advice for anyone who is aspiring to become a CG artist is not to give up no matter how hard it appears at the beginning, Don’t give up, the hardest moment as a CG artist is when you are about to discover something new. Go online find resources that will help kick-start your career, follow online forums to meet up with like minds, and most importantly keep the passion burning. Cheers


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