Jirimpimbira: An African Animated Folk Tale

by CGAfrica in News,

on November 5th, 2017

In Africa, a tale is told of a brave boy named Temba. When a drought fell upon the country-side, he ventured to find food and water for his village. Alone, Temba fought off danger to save his life and was given a set of magical bones from a wise old man. These bones gave him the power to have anything he desired; he threw the bones in the air and said the magic word "Jirimpimbira."

As repayment for the magical beans, Temba must remember that friendship is the most precious gift of all. However, Temba became greedy by the riches he received and instead of returning home, he made himself headman of the village. When the powerful beans are stolen from him, Temba recovers them with the help of his friends. He learns that a better use of the magical power is to save his village from starvation and share his good fortune. Voices: Paul Winfield, James Avery, Meshach Taylor and Dawnn Lewis.

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