List of best African animated short films in 2019

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on December 24th, 2019

Below are some of the list of best African animated short films in 2019.

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Malika film was set in West Africa in the fifteen-century, Queen Malika inherited the crown from her father in the most unusual circumstance thereby splitting the kingdom. She also struggles to keep the peace in her expanding kingdom. After years of civil wars, Malika managed to unite all of Azzaz and expanding the empire into one of the largest empires in all of West Africa.

But expansion would not come without its costs. Enemies begin to rise within her council, and Azzaz grabbed the attention of the most feared superpower the world has ever known: the Ming Dynasty. As Malika fights to win the clandestine civil war within the walls of her empire, she must now turn her attention to an indomitable and treacherous foe that plans to vanquish her entire people. From dragons to mythical relics, a feuding royal family and magical swords, the story of Malika: Warrior Queen stays true to the fantasy genre while adding something new by setting familiar concepts in an awe-inspiring African setting.

Niyi Akinmolayan, director of The Wedding Party 2 and Chief Daddy—two of Nigeria’s highest-ever grossing movies, served as executive producer of Malika while the lead character of Malika was voiced by Adesua Etomi, one of Nollywood’s biggest stars. Beyond Nollywood, the film has also raised eyebrows, snagging the award for best animated short at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards in July.

Director: Roye Okupe

Studio: YouNeek Studios and Anthill Studio


Surprise: A Christmas Story

There is no Christmas without Family. This is a short 3D film Created by Magic Carpet Studios to remind us all of what's important this season. Surprise someone this Christmas.

Studio: Magic Carpet Studios

Director: Unknown (Notify us to update)


Os Pestinhas

The Brats Team is selected to the finals of an Off-road racing competition that is taking place in Tete (Northern Mozambican Province), this race is sponsored by a big Multinational company.

When they get there, they discover that Lili's grandmother is very sick and has been poisoned by a very greedy and ambitious man who was promised a high ranking position in the company he works for, this company wants the land of Granny at all cost as it's extremely valuable.

Conventional medicine cannot save Granny and according to local legends, there is only one plant that can save her.

After the Brats get a hold of some notes belonging to the ancestors of the local doctor, they embark on the biggest adventure of their lives that leads them to one of the largest Dams in Southern Africa, the Cahora-Bassa Dam, and end up discovering a "Civilization lost in time" that will change the way they look at life and its meaning.

Studio: FXLDA

Director: Unknown (Notify us to update)



“Skelebe,” tells the story of a rascally rat from Warri who decides to seek a better life and visit his timid cousin, Kponyo, who is living comfortably on Banana Island in Lagos. Hilarity and shenanigans ensue. The film will mix together the worlds of computer graphics, animation, and live-action filmmaking, delivering what is sure to be a game-changer for the Nollywood industry. Quadron will premiere a 2-minute proof-of-concept short film at the Realtime Film Festival. The company is already actively seeking partners to fund the full film’s production.

Directors:  Uche Anisiuba, Tayo Asunon, Seun Shasanya

Studio: Quadron Studios

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