MNPRX- Non-Photorealistic Real-Time Renderer For Autodesk Maya

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on April 19th, 2020

MNPRX by Artineering is a non-photorealistic real-time renderer for Autodesk Maya focusing on art-direction and intuitive control.

Growing Library of Styles

Choose between different 3D styles including watercolor, cutout, hatching and frayed edges. We continuously improve and release new styles for all our users.

Real-time Rendering and Artist Friendly Toolset

Rendering frames in milliseconds, you can save image sequences and passes in multiple formats and resolutions—without time-consuming offline renders or render farms. Make changes immediately in the viewport, without waiting to see the results only during compositing. Our intuitive toolset also allows to fully art-direct and transfer the stylization between scenes.

3D model by Tom Robinson, CC, rendered using MNPRX

Maya-Nuke Integration

Combine MNPRX with Arnold or any other offline renderer for unmatched flexibility when compositing in Nuke.

Fú (Airbnb) by Taiko Studios, rendered using MNPRX


Technology keeps evolving and everyone's pipeline is different. Therefore, we also provide customization services where we develop new 3D styles and/or additional tools/integrations for your workflow and pipeline.

A result from our customization services can be seen in the Lunar New Year short film for AirBnB by Taiko Studios, made using MNPRX and Nuke in the video below

What are you waiting for, download MNPRX for free for non-commercial purposes, and purchase a license to take full advantage of all its tools for your production.

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