by CGAfrica in News,

on July 16th, 2017

If you have been investigating the changes that came with our newest update for iOS then you may have noticed one of our imports from the Desktop version of SketchBook, Predictive Stroke.

Predictive Stroke is nearly magic. You may not at first see what it’s effect on your sketch is. But soon you’ll notice your curves snapping into place. Your ellipses and circles filling out instantly and your every angle squares up, your every edge sharpens knife straight. It’s fantastic.

You have to see it to really understand the power of Predictive Stroke:

Predictive Stroke translates the stroke on your screen and the pressure and directionality of your gesture into a true representation of your line. It merges the precision you want from drafting with the speed and ease of gesture drawing. It makes everything you draw look sleek and professional right away. No more redrawing the same curve 20 times because you just can’t get it right. Or overdrawing to the point that your fine details are heavy, fat marker strokes. As the clip shows, just a sweep or swoop of your pen and the line snaps into place.

In comparison to it’s cousin feature, Steady Stroke, which acts more as a guiding hand to help you draw. Predictive Stroke is a corrective tool, it is there to instantly clean up your lines so you don’t need to worry about them not being straight or your ellipses looking wonky. Steady Stroke lets you control by leading the line which, like traditional pin-striping brushes, has a definite place. Predictive Stroke is just more flexible tool in drafting and design.


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