How a Nigeria Film Studio is changing the visual effects landscape in Nigeria

With the release of the trailer for their upcoming short film, “Skelebe”, Quadron Studios has announced a new frontier in visual storytelling in Nigeria. The quirky story about two rats living in Lagos brings to the screens for the first time in the history of Nigerian cinema, CGI characters who are leading stars of their own tale. The short film premieres at the Realtime Film Festival which takes place from the 23rd to the 30th of June 2019.


Since the days of Herbert Ogunde, visual effects have been a part of filmmaking in Nigeria, but never before has the technology and the know-how come together in Nigerian hands in the pursuit of a proudly Nigerian story. Quadron Studios is determined to further enhance the visual storytelling landscape in Nigeria by introducing Hollywood levels of Visual Effects to Nollywood films.

When Quadron Studios was conceived in 2015, its founders Tayo Fasunon and Uche Anisiuba believed that if Nigerian stories were told in a world-class manner, the content would be marketable on a global scale. This idea drove their desire to tell exciting and engaging stories that were indistinguishable from content from Hollywood in technical finesse. Thus began their journey, starting with creating high-quality commercials and corporate communication videos to gearing up to make the very first visual effects-driven character in Nigerian film: Skelebe. According to the founders, “We wanted to create a character that was not only authentically Nigerian but one that could only be achieved using Visual Effects and still feel like a real person”.


“Skelebe,” tells the story of a rascally rat from Warri who decides to seek a better life and visit his timid cousin, Kponyo, who is living comfortably on Banana Island in Lagos. Hilarity and shenanigans ensue. The film will mix together the worlds of computer graphics, animation, and live-action filmmaking, delivering what is sure to be a game-changer for the Nollywood industry. Quadron will premiere a 2-minute proof-of-concept short film at the Realtime Film Festival. The company is already actively seeking partners to fund the full film’s production.

Nollywood is already the top creator of African stories. Now with the advent of believable Visual Effects upon us, filmmakers will be given a whole new array of tools with which to tell their stories.  Imagine being able to plausibly introduce the fantastical and impossible into Nollywood movies. Imagine Nigerian myths brought to life on the big screen. These and more are the possibilities that Skelebe creates. The future of Nigerian film looks bright and a small, rascally rodent holds the torch.


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