Rising Star: Abd Majeed Mumuni

by CGAfrica in Articles,

on March 11th, 2018

I'm Abd Majeed Abd Mumuni, the Abd which is short for "Abdul", born 2001. I hail from Northern Central of Nigeria. I'm a CG Artist, I do mostly 3D modeling & visualization, 3D animation, visual FXs & video editing, I'm also a Programmer/Developer and Sound Composer for fun, I'm just basically a tech freak. I am currently an undergraduate of Computer Science at Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria. I founded two startups in 2014, which is still upgrowing, I plan to build a team,  and a studio after completion of my university.

How did you get into 3D

I discovered the 3D world in 2014. But firstly, what led to this when I was about 9, was my immense curiosity & fascination for cartoons/animated movies. One question I kept asking myself was "how is all this done? " Luckily for me, I had access to the internet and a desktop computer. I began searching terms on Google like "how are cartoons created?", I started getting answers, downloaded some tools to- Pivot Animator and Flash. I started practicing with these tools and creating petty short 2D animations. As time went on, I kept digging deeper online, till I came across a certain Maya tutorial about Animation- I was 12. I got curios, ran lots of searches, understood some basic stuffs about 3D. I found 3D much cooler and decided to give it a try. I remember I tried downloading Maya but the setup size was too much for my limited internet data. I eventually downloaded Blender 3D purley because the setup size was smaller and that got me really excited. As time kept going, I kept watching and reading tutorials, practicing and creating stuffs, working on small projects, trying to improve my skills, up till this point. My skills have seen huge improvements and I don't plan to stop soon. I also have lot of scripts I write during my free time, books full of ideas, which I plan to bring to reality in the near future.   Some projects process can get really frustrating and tiring, but as usual, determination, the end reward, getting to see the final piece, is what gets me going.

Can we see some of your old works?

Sadly, I lost most of my old works after a system crash.

Which Area do you enjoy most?

I think I enjoy modeling more, especially sculpting which I just started last year. It gets really frustrating sometimes, but with some relaxing music turned on, I can meet the challenge- by relaxing music I mean Rock. I also enjoy Animating, and that's the aspect I still really want to improve more on. Maybe in the next two or three years I can boldly say I'm a Pro.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

That's when I should be done with my Bsc Programme and a pro in 3D then. But I think in the next five, or six years, I see myself working with a team on a highly sophisticated project. I would love to work with guys in big studios like ILM, Double etc.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

Georgian Avas of WB Games & Freelance Artist Aleksand Kuskov. Georgina's works are just brilliant and impressive. And also Aleksandr Kuskov’s sci-fi works are just astonishing and mind-blowing, I watch sci-fi movies a lot, and when I came across his work few years ago it really caught my breath.

Do you work on African characters?

For now, no, I don't have any past project which is African related, but I plan to start soon. In my next projects, some would be African themed. And won't hesitate to post them to CGAfrica first before any other site. A challenge I face currently, is my inefficient/low spec hardware equipment, which limits my level of push, but looking forward to getting a better hardware soon, and that would help me push through and achieve more advanced creations.

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