Simi Visits Grandma- Folk Tales from Jalingo

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on December 12th, 2019

Femi Osewa tells an original African story in his new novel Simi Visits Grandma- Folk Tales From Jalingo

For his debut published work, Femi took the reader to experience some of the local African culture.

The story features a young girl travelling from the city to visit her grandmother in the village for the first time. It climaxes with the grandmother narrating a story about a fictional animal kingdom.

Femi freely and boldly referred to names and places in Nigeria- a fact that makes the work more authentic and refreshing.

“My intention was to take the reader to the environment, to make him feel, hear and perhaps experience some of the unique characteristics of the landscape.”

One thing that also caught our attention is the illustration. Relying on his artistic background Femi ensured that the book’s illustration is pleasing and accurate.

This is a welcome addition to the literary scene.

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