by CGAfrica in News, Africa,

on April 12th, 2018

The Scroll Sketchathon is an online event designed to challenge participants to a 24hr themed creative exercise(s).


Participants may include 2D/3D digital artists, traditional artists, writers, animators, photographers, etc. Exercises are themed for the purpose of appreciating various interpretations of the same subject. Sketchathon also stimulates a creative environment for individuals to learn, network, discover and showcase skills. Participants are expected to share their works based on the theme and if need be, their creation process.


Sketchathon is set to be a bi-monthly event. To participate is plain and simple; post your artwork(s) on social media with the hashtag: #Sketchathon and #CGAfrica

It’s vital to note that all rights to artworks created by Sketchathon participants belong to the respective artists and who must be credited if their works are used.

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