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on June 1st, 2017

If you’re a SketchBook subscriber or have purchased Pro Tools in the past for your iOS device, today’s SketchBook 4.0 release is going to be one of the most noticeable in years. In addition to a bunch of innovative new features in this iOS version, this release gives a bit more feature parity with the desktop version of SketchBook, with some SketchBook for Mac favorites making their way into this new iOS version. But even if you only use one iPhone or iPad you’ll notice a lot of improvements. Let’s get to them.

Rapid UI Mode: Give Yourself a Hand

Perhaps the most significant option in SketchBook 4.0 is the innovative (and very convenient) new way to access full menus in full-screen mode without having to toggle the interface on and off for iPad and iPad Pro. Rapid UI Mode is designed to keep you deep in the flow of drawing and not deep in a menu looking for the right tool.When in full screen mode, you can access the layer editor, brush menu, and color menu by placing your thumb on the edge of the screen and swiping up or down to change menus. While holding down your non-dominant thumb, make a selection in the menu with your drawing hand, and lift your non-dominant thumb to make the entire interface disappear. Yes, it’s a totally new way to think about drawing, and we think you’re going to love it. Check out the short tutorial that appears the first time you open the app after this update…

New Rendering Engine

Apple devices have a lot of power to offer, and we were able to implement a new drawing engine that lets you start with a gigantic canvas — up to 100 Mpx. We’re also able to harness that Apple device power and provide you with virtually unlimited layers and a massive undo stack. That’s technical language for being able to undo for virtually forever. If you’re the type who likes to have everything top of the line, the absolute performance pairing with our app is going to be the iPad Pro + Apple Pencil, but all of our iOS apps will see greater speed and responsiveness in this new version.

New Default Brush Sets

We’ve made a lot of progress with brushes in the last two years, and we’ve brought a ton of new brush sets to SketchBook for iOS, which now has over 170 customizable brushes, including texture brushes, to meet the demands of all types of artists and designers. In particular, you’ll notice that the new default brush set is revamped and expanded. So don’t just start with a pencil. Try one of the new default brushes on for size — and then move on down and check out the wealth of new brush options. Check out all these brushes…

Main Marking Menu

To access even more commonly used items like the color picker, eraser, flip-canvas feature, previous brush, and the double-puck toggle, tap the translucent circle at the bottom of the canvas and make a selection. Our aim is to make the kind of automatic muscle memory selection for the most commonly used tools even closer at hand. Simply tap-and-flick in the direction of the tool you want with your stylus, and it is automatically selected. Check out this handy new menu at the bottom of the screen…

Radial Symmetry: Up to 16 Sectors

We’ve multiplied the number of symmetry options available to you so you can create perfectly symmetrical drawings with X, Y, X-Y, and radial symmetry tools. Don’t worry. You don’t need to know trigonometry to use it. Just position the line of symmetry anywhere on the canvas for precise control, and choose up to 16 sectors of radial symmetry to draw precise radial sketches. We estimate it will save you up to 15 times the effort when drawing things that need to have perfect symmetry. But who’s counting. Watch how this watch gets colored in in record time…

Predictive Stroke: Help When You Want It

Our very popular (and frankly, game changing) Predictive Stroke feature from the desktop version of SketchBook is now in the iOS version. Turn it on and Predictive Stroke will make your lines straight. And your shapes better. Circles, rectangles, and triangles will turn out nearly perfect — or less perfect if you choose. You can dial it up or down depending on how amazing you want to look. But it’s not just for straight lines. You’ll be amazed at the way your freehand curves take on just the right amount of smoothing. Try this feature first if you’ve ever wanted to be amazed at what drawing software can do. Check out how quickly you can draw a mock-up of a bottle with perfect precision…

Ellipse and Ruler

Our ruler and ellipse tools didn’t rule as much as they could, but they do now. We heard a lot of feedback from iPad users (in particular product designers) who wanted a better ellipse and circle tool — just like the one in the desktop version. With SketchBook 4.0 for iOS, you can draw circles in perspective by adjusting the position, size, rotation, and aspect ratio of the drawing guides. You’re no longer just drawing ellipses; you can now draw ellipses and circles in relation to other elements in your drawing or bend them to fit your needs. It’s a whole new perspective on ellipses. See how it in action…

Those are the feature changes in the new version of SketchBook for iOS. If you’re a subscriber, of course you will get every new feature on every platform, but if you aren’t a subscriber you can try all the tools for free for seven days on the iTunes App Store.

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