Stylized Character Creation from Cartoon to Comic Realism by Hannah Kang

by CGAfrica in Africa,

on May 12th, 2018

Students will gain experience in:

  1. Blocking out Characters efficiently with simple geometric forms
  2. Going from Stylized/Cartoon Character to Comic Realism
  3. Anatomy of the Body and Face
  4. Retopologizing your Character and Props to get in the habit of clean working pipeline
  5. Adding design choices that drives the story of your character
  6. Bringing life and story to your character with Pose.
  7. Simple lighting technique to show the importance of lighting your Character
  8. Tour of Legacy Effects Studio ! Objective of the Class Recreating concept of an existing character, going from cartoony stylization to comic-book realism

Software requirements: Zbrush and Maya (3Ds Max also acceptable, but the instructor will be working in Maya)

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