The Satchel - 3D Animated Short film

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on February 14th, 2021

A 3D animated short film based on the Yoruba mythology of earth’s creation. This story dates back thousands and features revered Yoruba deities, Obatala and Oduduwa, (sons of Olodumare, the supreme being), who battle for the power to create earth as we now know it using an "all-powerful Satchel".

A historical re-telling of Yoruba Mythology, Taeps Animation Studios is thrilled to finally share their debut project with the world. The 3D animated short film is titled “THE SATCHEL”, an adaptation between two brothers, Kings and deities, who battle to create their individual Kingdoms.

The picture pays attention to tradition by focusing closely on the appearance of the characters, their features and their environments. Artefacts of Yoruba lineage decorate the deity chambers with true representation of African culture, music and the language giving their dialogue an exciting twist. The sibling rivalry between these two divine Kings and superpowers are immense and the stakes are higher with Obatala’s handwork about to be ripped from him by his scheming brother, Oduduwa. Dotun, Oduduwa’s love interest is unconvinced Oduduwa’s plan will work out, but, supports him anyway in his quest to usurp the Satchel and create his own Kingdom.

The tale leaves you with a choice says the Writer, Jimi Oremule - #TeamObatala or #TeamOduduwa?

As the first of many stories from Taeps Animation studios, the goal is to tell the best of African folktales in the most imaginative, fun, educative and relatable way and bring to screen, these beautiful stories that have been long told and re-told by our ancestors, says the Co-Founder, Adeoyin Okuboyejo. We are very pleased to release The Satchel, the first under our belt. The story re-tells the rivalry between the powerful deities, Oduduwa and Obatala.

The nostalgia of growing up on multiple classics from Disney, Warner Brothers and DreamWorks such as Snow White, The Lion King, The Prince of Egypt, Shrek and Looney Tunes was fascinating and riveting and a part of the time is believed or known as the golden age of animations. This shaped our growth and infant years, allowing us to now realize the great potential in this industry. As such, we plan on reshaping the lives of people by offering a great platform to tell the best of African folktales and stories and take African storytelling to a level of gravitas never seen before for everyone.


Storytelling is a magnificent art form and was best to tell it than at Taeps Animation Studios!



Produced by Adeoyin Okuboyejo, Ayobami Bello, Jimi Oremule and Nissi Ogulu.

Directed by Nissi Ogulu.


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