Triggerfish is hosting a free webinar on how to bring a TV series to market

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on October 2nd, 2017

If you have ever thought about bringing your own characters to life as an animated TV series, you should attend this webinar which will be streamed on YouTube Live on Saturday 4 November to registered delegates. You'll learn insights that Triggerfish learned over the last 2 years of developing TV series with Disney’s support, which has resulted in 2 worldwide distribution deals to date.


In 2015 Triggerfish ran a search for animation writers throughout the African continent.  The call attracted 1 378 projects from 30 countries around Africa, and eight were chosen to be taken into full development.  We discuss what made those eight projects stand out, and interview some of the creators.


Your idea could be the next African TV series to be produced and distributed internationally.  You’ll get an insight into what international distributors are looking for, and what Triggerfish is focusing on when they review projects.  You’ll also learn directly from creators who have just been through this process and have signed distribution deals with their shows.  And you'll get a chance to ask questions via Facebook or Twitter.   

Registered delegates will also receive a PDF summary of what is discussed in the event.


Each session is a moderated interview with a Q&A open to delegates.


Saturday 4 November

13h00 SAST: Creating an animated TV series

          Introduction   The global stage and where Africa fits in (Stuart Forrest)

          Session 1:        Content that is local but global (Anthony Silverston)

          Session 2:        Putting together a TV pitch package 

                                    on a budget (Vanessa Sinden)

          Session 3:        Writing for children (Raffa delle Donne)


14h30 SAST: Case Studies

          Session 1:        Ninja Princess  (Kelly Dillon & Marc Dey)

          Session 2:        Mama K’s Super 4 (Malenga Mulendema)

          Session 3:        Cloud Life (Howard Fyvie & Andrew Phillips)

          Session 4:        Musi and Cuckoo (Tim Argall & Candice Argall)

          Session 5:        Azania (Babalwa Baartman & Thulani Simantov) TBC


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