TUTU - The untold story of a kingdom in Africa

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on December 24th, 2019

Tutu, The Untold Story of a Kingdom tells the story of Osei Tutu and the rise of the 17th century of the Ashanti Kingdom located in what is now modern-day Ghana, West Africa. Our main characters Osei Tutu and Okomfo Anokye embark on a journey to unite divided Akan clans.

Their epic adventure is filled with ingenuity, love, challenges, courage and a whole lot of magic! Tutu not only promotes cultural pride but stands to preserve our African history as we have collaborated with historians, writers and creatives across the continent to ensure its accuracy. Rooted in unity, Tutu is a family-friendly animation that coveys the theme “United we stand, divided we fall” and also draws upon ancestral connection and harmonizing with nature - a concept important in our global endeavours to conserve our environment. We need your help to bring this animation to life and hope to get your support!


Osei Tutu - Young Osei Tutu is destined to be a ruler of a sub-clan. Thus, he is sent to Denkyira, the main palace, to learn the ways of a chief to ultimately serve under the ruling king.

Okomfo Anokye - Anokye is born with great magical powers that makes him simultaneously feared and loved. Curious with an exuberant spirit, he desperately wants to learn how to control his powers

Abena Bensua - As the sister of the king, Abena Bensua is an important woman. After all, her child will be heir to the throne. But what happens when she falls for the handsome Osei Tutu?

Kyenekye - Kynekye is an advisor to the King and the most powerful priest in the land - until Anokye comes to town! How far will Kyenekye go to maintain his power and influence?

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