Variable Concept Art Techniques for Game Environment by Ken Fairclough

Agility is one of the most powerful skills a concept artist can use to counter the pressure of a fast-paced production environment. Senior concept artist and CGMA instructor Ken Fairclough defines agility as the ability to quickly switch between techniques depending on the demands of the production pipeline. With only a few days left before CGMA’s Spring term, we are grateful to have Ken Fairclough for a live CGMA Jam Session.

Some highlights we’ll cover during the chat session:

    • Learn more about Ken Fairclough’s class Variable Concept Art Techniques for Game Environments


    • The value of mentorship and continuous art education.


    • How can artists improve their ability to be agile in a production environment?


    • Breaking past artistic plateaus through breaking routines.


    • Creating concept art with intent.


    • Work ethics, discipline, and having a positive attitude in the industry.


Course Description

Many artists apply to the studio with portfolios lacking next gen skills needed in today's AAA titles. This class focuses on the creation of environment concept art for games.

Demonstrations highlighting contemporary and emerging techniques will take you through all the stages of creating a polished environment concept. You will gain the skills needed for being an adaptive and versatile concept artist.

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