Videocast: CG Africa in Conversation with Sidney Kombo - Animation Supervisor at Weta Digital - Part 1

Whether you’re a student or professional animator we’ve probably all dreamt of landing a dream job in the ultimate industry in which computer graphics and animation is truly brought to life: the Hollywood movie industry.

For Congo-born animator Sidney Kombo however, both the dream and his own animations truly have come to life in such blockbuster movie franchises as the AvengersPlanet of the Apes, and Paddington, to name just a few.

In what was a lively and free-flowing exchange of questions and commentary, complete with questions from you, our amazing CG Africa audience and friends, we were recently blessed to spend time chatting (and laughing!) with Sidney.

The result? This video exclusive for you to enjoy at your leisure.



The Animation Supervisor at Weta Digital, the New Zealand-based studio behind the 2018 blockbuster movie Avengers: Infinity War – Sidney has experienced all aspects of the animation industry.

Sharing, as he does, a similar African heritage and background with many of us, Sidney Kombo truly is a trailblazer. But how did an African schoolboy’s early sketches of sportsmen and an early interest and love for computer graphics and animation ultimately lead him to the doors of the world’s best animation studios? And what has he learnt in his years working in the very world many of us can only enter (for the present time at least!) with a trip to the cinema?

Well, as you’ll see in our in-depth video, we were as keen as you are to find out the answers to these and many more questions.

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