Where is your God?

by Dennis Mabuka in Transport,

on December 29th, 2017

"Oh God! This wasn't supposed to happen..THIS WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!! We were only supposed to scout the town and report back to camp. I thought these things never came out till it was dark! oh god..How did we even get separated..i have to find the other two, But i couldn't possibly outrun it...no..if only i could get myself inside this car..whichever poor soul that left it here left the keys in the ignition..perhaps then i might have a chance. I can only pray that there is enough gas in the tank..any at all oh God no! the sun has almost set, this is bad..please God...Please." This was my entry for this years Hum3d car render challenge I modeled pretty much everything from scratch and tried to keep as much of the workflow within blender. This helped me to learn alot about blender and even discover some neat tricks i didnt know existed and some limitations and how to overcome them..Awesome learning experience and congrats to the winners

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4th Jan, 2018 3:47AM

Nice concept!!!