David Saah

Hi, guys! David here. Could I please know the differences between the "Sketching and Illustration" and "Photoshop and Painter" forum pages? :-\ 
I would like to make post concerning 2D illustration and animation and the software I normally use is Clip Studio Paint. If the differences between them are Illustration and Software tech respectively, can it be changed accordingly? Thanks!
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Mayor Max

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The reason for combining 'Sketching and Illustration forum'  is that sketches and illustration share the same similarities except that illustrations are more detailed than sketches.

As for the 'Photoshop and Painter forum', this forum is for discussing tutorials on how to make 2D drawings, 2D characters etc.

However to make things easier, we will be creating a new section for 2D Software to avoid any future confusion.

Thank you for the suggestion.