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I am guessing that I am in the brand new board at this date. Ill suggest two things :
- 1 The board rules.
Whats are the rules of this board? what kind of app are we talking about here (just personnal creation) are we sharing? soft, plug ins? I didnt see no where yet and because of that I don't know yet what to post.
 2 - please can you remove the banner on top or at least reduce it.
The top of this bpard is dedicated to roll over images or scroll but it's too big, think that sometime we're connecting with the small devices and the board is not RESPONSIVE.


Re: Suggestions
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Thanks for your suggestions on the forum on CGA, I agree with you that we need a forum where we can share ideas and tutorials as a community.

In your post, you mentioned that you had trouble logging in? could you please explain what happened so I can arrange to get this fixed?

Which type of small device did you use? it mobile phone or tablet?

About the Board Rules, yes you are right and we are working on it and also you can share your project on CGAfrica via this link You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Also on the forum we have this Category named WORK IN PROGRESS AND CRITIQUE where you can post you work/projects for other forum criticize your work.

 - I appreciate your patience and support as we are still in the early stages and any suggestions from you will help.

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Mayor Max

Re: Suggestions
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login Thank you for your suggestion. Just like you said the board was brand new at the time of your suggestion.

We are glad to let you know that we have implemented all your suggestion.

And we are looking forward to your contribution to the CGA board


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