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Richard Oboh

Created on 5 Sep 2022

Chizoba Njokwu Mbakwe The delectable, mesmerizing Mbaise girl, Chichi is our third character. The 24-year-old was born in her hometown but after the death of her mother at the age of 10, her aunt took her to live with her in Lagos where she started her secondary school education and later proceeded to a Polytechnic for her tertiary education. Chichi had aspired to become a chartered accountant as a child but after her mother’s death parting with her father, attending an only girl’s secondary school, and becoming friends with some girls who fancied fashion and modelling, her passion and desires changed. She also dreams to marry a rich Igbo guy who will take care of her and provide everything she has dreamt of owning. The first day Ovie tasted the food, he couldn’t stop giving her compliments, saying it was the best meal he has tasted since he came to Lagos and said they would both have a cooking contest. The next time he comes to visit for food, Chichi refused to give him any, stating he was very stingy and she doesn’t like to share anything with stingy people.

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