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Chops | Musically Speaking Series

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Mike Khakame

Created on 29 Dec 2021

Chops...and am not talking about meat chops-very delicious by the way, you should try it some time. Now back to Chops, also means skilled musical routines. Drumists are basically the rhythm and heartbeat of the music. It takes a few snares to start nodding your head even before the other instruments start playing if you are into music like me. The way they put all of their energy in those 'barrels of steel' is just perfect. I once tried actually playing those things, trust me if you ain't got rhythm or got two left feet like me, trust me, just stick to something else. The sheer effort, strength and coordination is bonkers. This is just an appreciation to such amazing skill and not to mention the lots of ugali they eat to restore their strength after sessions. Prints available in-

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