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Egypt Portal - Diorama

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Artur Augusto Oliveira

Created on 18 Nov 2021

Egypt Portal Diorama - inspired by isometric stylized games, this small environment was created using mostly a trimsheet with textures made in Substance Designer and other textures sculpted in Zbrush. The statues and portal were sculpted in Zbrush. You can see some shots from the wireframe, which shows how lowpoly the main environment really is, the statues are the ones with higher polycount. The portal is the main focus on this diorama, also we can see it for the more saturated and brighter colours. The portal was inspired by the Stargate series. The base meshes and lowpoly was created in Maya. Sculpting was done in Zbrush and trimsheets created using Substance Designer and Painter. The final renders were created in Marmoset Toolbag, including the video.

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