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Moji by Xane Studios

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Xane Studios Studios

Created on 12 Mar 2023

Moji by @xane_studios Iṣè Béré (Work has Started) We are a team of creatives trying our best And today, Xane Studios in collaboration with Spencerzill and present to you - The Official Trailer for Moji (The Animated Pilot) ???? Moji /moʊd͡ʒi/ is an Animated Pilot we have spent over a year quietly working on Our Goal is to get it Sponsored and turned into a feature-film. But we can’t do it alone. Everything so far has been made from nothing but passion, sweat, Grace, and sacrifice We need you to help make it as loud as possible so the world can see how eager we are for our stories to be told A Story that preserves the Past, expresses the Present, and dares the Future About 871 days ago, we were inspired to create a Project A Project that would Grow… Bigger than us A Project that would tell Our Story - We as a People An abstract embodiment of the Past, Present, and Future of our World The voice of the young, the image of the old, and the echoes of the forgotten Please help us make this project a reality by spreading it as far as possible Like, Comment, Save, Retweet, and Share with your friends so it can go far enough for the World to believe in it The Animated Pilot is set to release on the 1st of May 2023 Until then, you will be carried on a Beautiful Journey, so follow and stay connected, we still have a lot more in store for you over the coming weeks Thank you so much for being a part of this Journey

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