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Piano Man | Musically Speaking Series

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Mike Khakame

Created on 29 Dec 2021

Piano Man | Musically Speaking Series Art 02 of 04: Yes. That soothing music you listen to when you are troubled, need concentration or just to relax is the sound of a piano. You’ve all met a pianist at least once in your life…if not I am one of those. They are often quiet, introverted, and mostly in deep thought from time to time. They are among the few nerds and geeks that I know and they are the heart of most of the music you listen to today. Part 2 of 4 – ‘Musically Speaking’ Series This 3D art print is made on thick and durable art paper. Paper thickness: 10.3 mil Paperweight: 5.6 oz/y2 Frame included

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