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Stylized Market Diorama

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Artur Augusto Oliveira

Created on 18 November 2021

Stylized Market Diorama, inspired by MOBA/ARPG and Isometric games. I've created all the assets on this scene, from the small props, flowers, plants, vases, textures, sculpting, lighting, concept and rendering. It was great fun working on all the assets and props, you can see some of the individual pieces and breakdowns in few shots. I have been working on more stylized pieces and environment assets for fantasy projects, which i will post on here as well, also in some animations for them. The idea was exactly to have this stylized look, strong and defined colors I used Maya for lowpoly , retopo and base meshes, zbrush for sculpting and substance painter for texturing and baking. Marmoset was used for the final renders. Hopefully you all like it as much as i had fun creating it.

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