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The Negotiators

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Paul Akiiki

Created on 3 January 2023

This beautiful artwork is a manifestation of marriage derived from the traditional marriage practices and ceremonies .The Courtship is captured and and painted with a modern abstract touch. The men/elders go out with the groom to meet the girls to negotiate a love and marriage affair. It is normally characterized by bold looking, energetic and assertive men. This is, because the southers need to create an impact on the other party. They should never be seen to appear weak and vulnerable but powerful and ready to win their bride over. Gifts and ornaments are offered. Cash prizes, pots of brew and a spear and many other niceties comprise part of the goodies carried by the groom's marriage entourage. The Spear is symbolic and is a sign of protection for the bride. Bluish and Green palette dominate the colors in the large painting, they represent Freshness, Virginity and Fertility of the new bride abstract with modernism. Mural size painting. Love is a negotiable affair. Elegant girls full of beauty, are draped in an attractive manner. They pose and stand out with elegance. Attractive, young and waiting to impress over their guests with charming LOVE. Acrylic on canvas using brush. The painting is a diptych(2 panels).They will carefully be rolled and shipped in a tube. The handling will be professional to ensure safe delivery of the masterpiece.

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