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Vitality In The Woods

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Paul Akiiki

Created on 3 Jan 2023

Vitality In The Woods. This painting is an inspiration from a sureal Landscape. It depicts exaggerated,elongated, stretched abstract patterns that symbolise a unique space. The artwork portrays a dreamlike landscape full of drama. He is colorful in his execution of pigment.Careful juxtaposition of heavily contrasting hues fits in the jigsaw of romanticism. In his dream he assembles beautiful droplet like motifs,leafy camouflage safe havens designed to offer a perfect hideout. Toned with yellows,blues,lilacs and reds the Artist tactfully captures the power of an abstract silhouette. Sensitivity of his brush is only comparable to that delicate Life In The Woods.Animals,biota would comfortably accommodate each other in this hyper space. The observer will be treated to a mural multicoloured masterpiece as he traverses from one corner to another. This painting is designed to display on any large wall. A coffee brown,forest green or black strip of a frame would suit it.

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