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You Are My Shield

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Paul Akiiki

Created on 3 January 2023

YOU ARE MY SHIELD: Original painting. Acrylic on canvas. A mixture of both Semi-abstract and some silent cubist approach. The expression in the face of the man says it all.He is like....hey babe do not go away from me.Am in Love with you. You are my only Strength, you are my Hope, you are my comforter,you are my best friend, you are my confidant, YOU ARE MY SHIELD ! This painting has an iconography of the magnet or immense affection between these two strong,unique and heavily built characters. The body chemistry is quite evident .The sweet colors that surround them is a signature of acceptance. She looks away in acceptance with an enigmatic look whereas He, looks straight on and listens to her heart beat with much concentration. The strong arms wrapped with tenderness and the delicate ground with a green tuff grace the already suspicious mood. YOU ARE MY SHIELD.

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