CGAfrica consists of a team of creative and dedicated professionals. The primary goal of CGAfrica is simple: to recognise, celebrate, and share our mutual love as a community. All we care about is computer graphics and animation.

Although our name does, of course, highlight our particular interest in CG artists who proudly boast an African heritage, this website truly is for everyone. Yes, whether you’re a student following in our footsteps in a classroom in Africa, or a professional who is already living the dream, we openly encourage you to get involve and engage with CGAfrica and our expanding community.

We continue working on improving the user experience of the site and introducing a section in which we challenge you to show off your best artworks. So dive in, get involved, and more than anything else simply enjoy what you see, view and read here on CGAfrica

This website is for YOU.

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Meet the Team

Mayowa Osewa

I love playing computer games and for a long time I questioned myself on how this games were designed. I spent most of my time researching on how to build computer game. And this led me to learn how to program language such as Q-Basic, DB4 and C++ (Borland). During those periods, I had no experience in computer graphics until one morning in mid-2000 when I across a PDF file containing information on 3D animation using Discreet Max 4 (now known as AUTODESK 3DS MAX STUDIO). This got my attention and that’s how left the programming world and became 3D artist. I have worked on various animated videos and provide concept design for various animated projects. As a beginner, it was very difficult to find training materials and resources on 3D graphics, therefore, I took the initiative to kick start CG Nigeria in 2012 where the young artist could find the resources and tutorials they needed to improve their skills. However, by the end of 2013, I realised that the 2D/3D animation Industry in Africa lacking behind and there was a need for a forum for CG artists to get together and grow the industry. This is why I started CGAfrica.

Femi Osewa

I have always been fascinated by computer graphics and animation. I spent my early school years copying and painting popular cartoon characters. I had my first hands-on experience with 2D animation in 2002 when I was introduced to Macromedia flash (formerly Adobe flash and now Adobe Animate). I was later introduced to 3ds Max in 2004 and although I tried my hands on Maya and a number of other tools, 3ds Max became my tool of choice by the time I finished from architectural school. I have worked in various capacities within the architectural visualisation industry and I am a proud Co-founder of Chronos Studeos. In 2013, I co started CG Africa with my brother and it’s been growing since. I am teaching myself to play the guitar and hopefully will get to amateur level at some point.

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