Making of Princess Lulu: Workflow Breakdown by Damilola Fagbowore

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on May 11th, 2018

This post is part of series called Making of Princess Lulu: Workflow Breakdown

This is the introductory section of the tutorial, where Damilola explains what will be learnt during this short course on how to make princess Lulu.

Topics in this series

This tutorials is a 5 part workflow series. As it isn't an in-depth tutorial that takes you through on a step-by-step basis, background knowledge of some aspects of 3D design (Polygonal modelling, UV mapping, Human Anatomy etc. )  is required to follow this workflow breakdown closely.

Basic knowledge of navigating the interface of, and handling project files in the soft-tools used in this series is also essential. Hopefully, future tutorials would go in-depth in treating each of the aspects and offer training in proficient use the tools. 


As the choice of flow of work (workflow) is artist dependent, I wish to make you aware that this is not the only process to creating a character for production but MY workflow to creating a character for production.


I hope you learn much, enjoy the series."

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